31 December 2012

Best of 2012!

It's the last day of 2012. I have my mixed feelings. 2012 has overall been bittersweet. I AM looking forward to 2013. I hope good things will happen. (Plus I turn 16.)

Let's have a pretty watch picture to kick start this long blog post.

So, I am just going to ramble on at you guys and talk about all the things or changes that happened this past year. I am going to miss out all the bad stuff because frankly, I have forgotten most of it.

In March, I officially went from 14 to 15. And it was the most awesome birthday ever! My friends, who are all totally epic people, threw me a surprise party! (It was on a Saturday because my birthday was on a weekday.) It was amazing. I had no idea and we all went out to Nando's for nice food and went and saw the Hunger Games when it came out. You guys know I love my bessies (Erin and Beth). My parents also threw me a surprise. They (and my sister) gave me an ipad! The new ipad (3) that came out near my birthday. It's white. I LOVE white electronics. It's my thing. All my electronics got to be white. It's currently in a blue Hello Kitty case. But it's dying. So I need to get a new one soon. It was like the best 15th birthday ever!

I had a HUGE haircut in mid-March. I love my long hair. I have (near) always had long hair. That's like the only thing anyone compliments me on, that I have pretty hair. So something happened and I just decided I need to big haircut. Before the cut, my hair was just a little above my hip. Then I had a huge haircut. The hairdresser I had was actually shocked I wanted to cut it. Afterwards, it was just a bit below my shoulders and I got a side fringe. So woo~ for a big girl haircut!

I passed my piano exam and my music theory during the summer. So glad that's over. I hate exams. They are evil and should die. (Personification, GO!)

Oh, my baby sister turned 13 this year! Aww, she is finally a teenager. But it's a shame she is still like mentally 7. Nah, she liked being 13 and an official teenager. But seriously, she is the most annoying thing like ever.

Favourite Manga this year: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

It caused me great sorrow when it finished. Yes, I was very close to tears, as are many KHR fans. It is an absolutely awesome manga and it has the greatest graphics and I JUST FRICKING LOVE IT! The ending was disappointing but I will nevertheless love it. I also like the anime but it's nothing compared to the brilliance of the manga. If you haven't even heard of it, YOU ARE MISSING OUT BIG TIME (and you have not lived.)

I also started reading again this year. Like reading YA frictions in my free time. But, since I haven't read in ages... I can count the number of books I read this year with my fingers.

  • Divergent by Veronica Roth
  • Yesterday's Sun by Amanda Brooke
  • Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
  • Snowed Over by Angie Staton
Don't worry, I have a enormous YA to-read list that I will eventually complete. I did try to read the Hunger Games, since I loved the movie and everyone love the trilogy. I have the book but I just can't get past the first 18 pages. It just didn't have me hooked. Yes, I love and prefer Divergent. That book was amazing.

Favourite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother & Once Upon A Time

I LOVE THESE TWO SHOWS! They are actually my all time favourite shows. I spent the entire summer watching all 7 seasons of HIMYM and season 1 of OUAT. I am still following the show and it's sad that everything is on winter hiatus. But seriously, I can not express how much I love these shows in just words.

I moved house this year. Cleaning and packing was hell but I love my new room. So it's all good.

NEW PHONE! Can't believe I didn't mention this earlier. I had quite a bad phone for a year and a half. But I love my new phone. It's the Nokia Lumia 900 in white. I don't know why it gets all the crap for being a windows 8 phone but in my opinion, it's a good phone. 

My favourite music list is way too long! So I will just let you enjoy all the Music Madness Monday and the ones to come. Because as I have said, music is my life.

My favourite movie list is also far too long. So, I will just mention some like... The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, Pitch Perfect... etc. And I joined the Young Tyneside Programmers this year. It's awesome because it's all about movies. So yay for that. 

I am a huge nail polish junkie. So I am more than happy that this year, my nail polish collection double in size! My favourite nail polish I got this year is either any of my magnetic ones or OPI Skyfall. But I am still a black, taupe or light pink nail polish girl. 

Last but definitely not least... THIS BLOG! I started this blog this year and I am really happy I did. I really enjoy blogging and it's super fun. I love all the people who would take time to read my blog. I am looking forward to continuing this blog next year, I have tons more to write. This blog and my deviantart account has been websites that entertained my boredom this year.

That is all. Wow, it really was a long post. I have enjoyed 2012 a lot and I look forward to the fun of 2013!

A sparkle to summarise the magic of a year.

Happy New Year! 

Love, Ka-Ching xxx

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