04 June 2013

Exam Season, Relatives, New Converse and Sunglasses

YO! My last post was kind of a quick, non-informational post so here I am to do a more written one since it has been like 3 weeks (or more) since I actually posted anything vaguely interesting. But hey! It's exam season! I feel bad for not posting anything but you can't really blame me, or my 11 subjects. I am so happy I am already more than half way through so now I get more time to do whatever I want since I only have 5 subjects left (and they are the shorter paper 2 exams). I am still cramming my 3 sciences for my paper 2s. I am super cramming for my 3 subjects tomorrow. Good luck to me!

In case you didn't know, it was half term in the UK. Well since I am technically on exam leave, I started half term on the 21st of May, which was my last exam before the holiday. So I get 2 whole weeks of free time. -crazy rave- So... a few of my relatives came to the UK (from Hong Kong) to surprise my sister and I. -wave hi to my aunt- I mean, I love my aunts but it really was a shock since I am sort of in the middle of my exam period. So they came for 4 days and we got tons of good food and lots of pressies from Hong Kong. (The pressies will probably be separated into several posts.)

I feel like I talk about shoes whenever I talk about anything fashion-related. Oh well. I am a shoe girl. Anyway, my aunt got me a new pair of converse because my last pair is sort of dying. Poor baby. This picture makes it condition looks so much better than it actually is, I think it's the lighting. Still, poor baby!

I decided to go for a layered and different coloured pair this time. The old pair was a bit hectic to put on since the shoe laces were so long. So I went with the Chuck Taylor White and Blue Two-Fold. Doesn't it look pretty? (Just nod)

My current pair of sunglasses, I have had for like... 2 years? I got them for like £2? £2.50? But they were a really cheap pair from Boots which doesn't even work properly to protect from UV rays. They were more for the look. I got it a cheap white hard case just in case they break, not that I wear it very often. Come on, I live in the UK. Given that, the weather was lovely TODAY, with a nice breeze while the sun glared.

My Aunt, Kitty, also gave me her sunglasses which are just gorgeous. Every girl will love a pair of sunglasses like this... right?!  

Old pair on the left. New pair on the right.