16 October 2013

Here I am ta-Da *Jazzhands*

I can't believe it's been like 4 months since I have last posted. That is kind of crazy. But I am back and just as awesome as ever! 

The posts for the rest of the week and next will be catch-up things about what I have been up to for the last 4 months, including my summer holiday, start of schools and things I loved in the summer etc. So stay tuned! 

Just a super short post today to let you guys know I am back to blogging. Life have been busy but I am happy I am back now and sharing moments of my life with your guys ^_^ 

04 June 2013

Exam Season, Relatives, New Converse and Sunglasses

YO! My last post was kind of a quick, non-informational post so here I am to do a more written one since it has been like 3 weeks (or more) since I actually posted anything vaguely interesting. But hey! It's exam season! I feel bad for not posting anything but you can't really blame me, or my 11 subjects. I am so happy I am already more than half way through so now I get more time to do whatever I want since I only have 5 subjects left (and they are the shorter paper 2 exams). I am still cramming my 3 sciences for my paper 2s. I am super cramming for my 3 subjects tomorrow. Good luck to me!

In case you didn't know, it was half term in the UK. Well since I am technically on exam leave, I started half term on the 21st of May, which was my last exam before the holiday. So I get 2 whole weeks of free time. -crazy rave- So... a few of my relatives came to the UK (from Hong Kong) to surprise my sister and I. -wave hi to my aunt- I mean, I love my aunts but it really was a shock since I am sort of in the middle of my exam period. So they came for 4 days and we got tons of good food and lots of pressies from Hong Kong. (The pressies will probably be separated into several posts.)

I feel like I talk about shoes whenever I talk about anything fashion-related. Oh well. I am a shoe girl. Anyway, my aunt got me a new pair of converse because my last pair is sort of dying. Poor baby. This picture makes it condition looks so much better than it actually is, I think it's the lighting. Still, poor baby!

I decided to go for a layered and different coloured pair this time. The old pair was a bit hectic to put on since the shoe laces were so long. So I went with the Chuck Taylor White and Blue Two-Fold. Doesn't it look pretty? (Just nod)

My current pair of sunglasses, I have had for like... 2 years? I got them for like £2? £2.50? But they were a really cheap pair from Boots which doesn't even work properly to protect from UV rays. They were more for the look. I got it a cheap white hard case just in case they break, not that I wear it very often. Come on, I live in the UK. Given that, the weather was lovely TODAY, with a nice breeze while the sun glared.

My Aunt, Kitty, also gave me her sunglasses which are just gorgeous. Every girl will love a pair of sunglasses like this... right?!  

Old pair on the left. New pair on the right.

31 May 2013

-ing APR/MAY 2013

Hello My Precious Earthling Babies! (Okay, that does sound weird but hey! It's me.)

Another -ing. I feel like I haven'e done one in ages and I really haven't. I have been doing so much lately and here's my attempt to tell you what I am doing at the moment that's not school-related. Or exam-related. Or revision-related.

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09 May 2013

Love... Then Let It Go Theory

Theory: Love... Then Let It Go

Thought by: ME~  

Ever heard of the saying: 

"If you love it, let it go. If it loves you, it will come back to you" 

Well, here is my version: 

"If you love it, then let it go. If it loves you enough (or more), it will come flying, smashing or crashing back to you. In some cases, it might even hit you in the face." 
~ Ka-Ching (My logic)

I guess this is a philosophical theory? 

This is both difficult and easy to explain. Let's take the world for example (this was inspired by my awesome friend) and if you love it, you should let it go. Or in his case, it just abandoned him. Not the point. Anyway, if the world loves you enough, it will come back smashing into your face. No, don't take a punch as it loves you. You get my drift? If you don't, I don't know how else to explain it.

P.S. Please don't take this too seriously. However, it might still smash into your face.