24 February 2013

Films! In My 10 Days Holiday

Hey! First thing first, it snowed again. Yes, it snowed 2 days ago and it's still covered with snow everywhere. It's rather boring because 1. It obstruct vehicles and 2. It's a pain when it melts. Second thing first, or is it first thing second? One of it must work. Anyway, -thumbs up- for berries smoothies! Yeah, I had like 2 yesterday? Like giant cups and they are delicious. Then I had chocolate ice-cream cone today, I am not much of a person for diet and eating healthy. 

Nevertheless, let's talk about... MURDERS! -insert rainbow background-. Okay, I am just messing with you. That was lifted from the Persona 4 comic dub. Seriously, let's talk about... MOVIES! When you get a 10 days worth of quality break and you are a huge movie addict and it's the Oscars tonight... Yep, watching a load of movies happens. It's a shame I can't watch the Oscars live, but I still get to know the results tomorrow and hopefully want it when I get home. I like going off topic so let's talk about 2013 Oscars Best Picture nominations for the time being. I can talk about my other movies after this.

There are 9 movies nominated and I have watched about... 3? So that's about a third, it's not that bad. I have seen:
  • Les Miserables = 8.8 / 10
  • Life of Pi = 8.7 / 10
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild = 8.2 / 10
They are 3 excellent movies but I also wanted to see Amour, Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook. French films are a bit of a hit of miss. I still have to see Amelie but my mum says it's amazing. See? I went off topic again! I am great at doing it. I will watch those movies though. Just on a side note, Anne Hathaway deserves that Oscars. My family and I just made predictions for all the categorises and we are totally battling out to see who wins, even though none of us have seen all the movies. Oh well, it's fun anyway.  

Let's have a look at all the movies I have seen recently! (They are not going to be in long details and cutting out the storyline because that would take forever.)

Wreck-It Ralph

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Film Rating: PG
Starring (Voice): John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch
Running Time: 108 minutes

This. Is. The. Best. Animation. Movie. EVER! On many many MANY different levels. It's a quality animation movie which you don't really see now-a-days. I just love this movie. Even if you are not into video games, like me, still, WATCH IT! It's heart-warming and awesome. I admit that I even started to tear up near the end even though I know what would happen. I hope it wins the animation Oscar.  

Rating: 9.2 / 10

So Undercover

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance
Film Rating: 12A
Starring: Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Piven, Joshua Bowman, Lauren McKnight, Eloise Mumford
Running Time: 94 minutes

To say it bluntly, I have no idea why I decided to watch it. Seriously. I don't particularly like or dislike Miley Cyrus. It's cliché and predictable. There wasn't actually any hope of it being a good movie. But still, I watched it. I must say, it's not all that bad and a complete waste of time. Don't take it as good because it wasn't. It was all cliché and predictable and not great. It's basically a college version of Miss Congeniality. If you are looking for a cheesy, have time to waste on a "Rom-Com", go for it. Just don't expect anything. Miley Cyrus was a whole lot better in The Last Song. 

Rating: 5.4 / 10

I mentioned that I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 in my last post so I don't bother talking about them again. I usually watch East Asian (Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean) movies with my family. So let's get into those. 

Cold War (寒戰)

Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery
Starring: Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Charlie Yeung, Gordon Lam
Running Time: 102 minutes

This movie has it all. Drama, suspense and great actors. It's one of those movie you should definitely watch even if you are not into the whole police thing. It's a super recommend from my mum and uncle.

Rating: 8.7 / 10

Natural Born Lovers (天生愛情狂)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Starring: Julian Cheung, Annie Liu, Oscar Leung, Anna Kay, Mandy Wong
Running Time: 106 minutes

Yes, it's another rom-com. This one was sort of refreshing. I don't like any of the director's works but this one was half decent. It has a nice idea. Considering the poor Hong Kong rom-com film industry, this one is quite good. I liked it at least. But it was still creepy. You have been warned. 

Rating: 7.4 / 10

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (西遊·降魔篇)

Genre: Action, Martial Art, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Starring: Huang Bo, Shu Qi, Wen Zhang, Show Luo
Running Time: 110 minutes

Yay! It's a Stephen Chow movie. That is as good as it gets. It's a hugely disappointing movie considering it smashed the Chinese box-office. It should be funny but there is about 2 scenes of 2 minutes which is vaugely amusing. Stephen Chow's last movie was CJ 7 and that was terrible. This is better but still a bad movie. I mean, Stephen Chow is such a comedic legend! I did sort of watch the movie because Show Luo had a tiny part. The must amusing part for me was when the enormous fish ate the little girl.

Rating: 5.2 / 10

I said I have seen quite a few films in 10 days but all in all... -counting- 10. Oh! I have 10! Ha! That's like 1 film per day. Hmmmmmmmmm.... I am totes awesome.

Torturing hell, also known as school starts again tomorrow so I will probably be busy again. -frown- But I will keep posting. I do have a music post saved up for tomorrow. I promise I will have one. When I make a promise, I keep it. Talk to ya soon~

22 February 2013

What's Up?! (Warning: FOOOOOOD!)


What have you guys been up to? So I am having my half term week off . -raise the roof- It's been ages since I have blogged. BUT! I did have  tacos yesterday. Yes, they tasted awesome. Along with half a chicken burrito. That was tasty too, but seriously spicy. However, still YAY for a day trip to Durham with my family.

Tacos! Who doesn't love tacos?!

I have pretty much been staying at home and recharging myself. Yep, I have done nothing useful what so ever. Unless you count downloading more music, reading and sleeping. Oh, but I did watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. I have to admit, it was a pretty decent movie considering Part 1 was really quite boring. I still prefer the books though. I have also been finishing the cookies I got from Asda left over from Val's Day which was a while ago. But but but, they were nice chocolate chipped shortbread and bless them they were heart shaped. 

Yeah, these are rectangular but whatever, close enough.

I feel like all I talked about was food in this post, and it's pretty much just food. But it's just a little update to what I do when I get a break, which is eat an insane amount of junk. 

Anyway, have a nice weekend! 

14 February 2013

Ingredients For Happy Syrup

Happy Forever Alone Day!

If you are all by yourself and being anything but grumpy, then my friend, you are doing it right.

Yes, Valentine's Day is really overrated. Everyone know that you should treasure the special someone you love every minute of every day. Not just on the 14th of February. I was stuck in school for all day today, so most of you are probably having a better day than moi.

So let's talk about... HAPPY SYRUP! 

To understand what Happy Syrup is, you must know that IT'S NOT REAL! I made it up a while ago because I can. The aim of Happy Syrup is to make you more happy when you are not. It's that simple and self-explanatory.  


  • Chocolate. A lot of chocolate. I don't care which form is comes it, either it's hot chocolate, chocolate ice-cream or even chocolate cake. It doesn't matter.
  • Rainbows! Seriously. Rainbows makes the world go round and it has pretty colours! 
  • You need a combination of depressingly sad music and super romantic happy music. You need the same amount of each and alternate it on a playlist. One sad then one happy then one sad again. You get my drift. Farewell Sakura by Violence is Savanna (Japanese) is one of my favourite song because it's super sad. The music video says it all.
  • The Notebook. I don't find it sad or romantic or anything but a lot of girls do. Cry while eating doughnuts  Apparently it helps. What is helps with, I have no idea.
  • A soft, squishy pillow. To hug, to cry into or to punch is up to you. Do whatever you want. 
  • Have a girlie night. Maybe? Those are good for cheering up.

Yeah, there probably are more ingredients but I can't really remember them. So there will do.

Side effects: Hyperness. Fatigue. 

You basically can't over doze it because you just get more happy. That's how it works. 

Because it's Valentine's Day, here are things you shouldn't do:

  • Kiss the guy your BFF has a thing for. Seriously, it doesn't go down well.
  • Eat 3 tonnes of sugar. 
  • Revision. I mean who the guy would want to do that?!
  • Play too much video games and forget about the world around you. You shouldn't be doing that anyway.
  • Cry for no reason.

Just a cute thing to cheer people up. :)

Seriously, it's Valentine's Day, so you MUST listen to LOVE by Nat King Cole.

Hope everyone had a lovely day regardless of whether you have that special someone or  alone. 

13 February 2013

Can't Think of A Title So... Equilibrium?


Don't ask about the title. I have no idea either. 

It feels like it has been forever since I have done a half decent post with words. School needs to be less stressful and give us time to do things we want. Blargh.

It's been so cold recently and it snowed today. I feel like half of my posts is about snow. I can't help it. The weather has just been like that. But I think it's just slush now. I think I am starting to get bored of the snow, like people in Canada. 

So... what have I been up to for the past week?... -put on thinking cap-

-put on a thinking top hat on top of the cap- I have no memory. I don't remember anything.  (I know I look ridiculous.)

I had like 3 tests and quite a few homeworks. I sort of tidied my room. I got lots chocolates and sweets because I am a snack junkie. I had parents' evening yesterday. (I am not even going to get into that.) I have been doing things that required using my brain, and all the jazz.  (Hence the thinking cap and top hat.) 

I did get incredibly bored last Friday night (No, I am not going to break into the Katy Perry song because I don't like it) and I couldn't really be asked to do homeworks or read or play the piano and stuff so I ended up making cookies. By which I actually mean just making the cookie dough, not baking it all.  I have baked about 1/4 of it? I think I made too much cookie dough, considering I have made like 14 cookies already. The first batch was burnt, pretty badly because I set the temperature too high at the beginning. The second batch, which turned out okay was for my cousins and stuff and they liked it. I am going to make a batch for my friends tomorrow because I said I would for today, but I haven't. No, it's not for Valentine's Day, just no. They were Chocolate Sugar Cookies which didn't turn out very sweet, so everyone liked it. Yay for cookies not being ridiculously sweet. Yeah, mine weren't heart-shaped because 1. I am not making them for Valentine's Day and 2. I just couldn't shape them. They turned out like a very, very bad oval-shaped... thing. 

My uncle, aunt and 2 cousins came to visit my family and I. I haven't seen them since the summer of 2011. So I guess it's been a while. They stayed with us on Monday and Tuesday (Yesterday) night. My uncle and aunt are really nice people and have an... interesting sense of humour. My sister and I got on really well with my cousins even though we haven't really talked in ages. We did have a lot of food. Like seriously A LOT. I talked a lot about films with my uncle because he is into film and knows most of the awesome films. We did talk about Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy because it's a great movie and... it's a great movie. They also gave us lots of awesome presents from Hong Kong. I am really enjoying my magazines and food and all the other jazz. 

OH MY GOSH! It's been 3 weeks since I have done a music post. I feel so bad and like a lazy ass. Okay, I am lazy but not an ass and I should have done one. Considering I put like 420-something songs on my iPod on Saturday, I should do a post on some (definitely not all) music that I added. It will be a stupidly long post. Probably. Or not. That will be up on Friday. I think. Because it's the LOVELY Valentine's Day tomorrow. Yes, the LOVELY is me being sarcastic. 

07 February 2013

SOTD #08

"We are not people who like each other. Nor are we friends. We are simply strangers who shares the same memories."

02 February 2013

25 Facts About Moi

1. I can sing whenever, wherever. You can say a random word and I can and will break into a song.

2. I am an incredibly fussy eater. 

3. The sun makes me sleepy.

4. I get paper cuts on my hands easily. I currently have 3 small cuts on each hand. It's probably because I have quite thin skin on my hand or I just attract sharp objects. 

5. When I am cold, hungry, wet and tired, I am a ticking time bomb.

6. I have awful selective hearing and really short attention span.

7. Music is my happy place. I need music in my life.

8. I fell off a stage once when I was in year 3. I was completely unharmed. *touch wood*

9. I don't like gum, polo or anything even vaguely minty. 

10. I love the smell of old books. I can stay in an old book store forever. Plus they always have great books. 

11. I love corners of a room. I like sitting in a corner, alone, and think.

12. I am not ticklish at all. Yes, I have no soul.

13. I bite my nails a lot, despite being a girl. It's a habit I picked up when I got nervous. That is also how I became a nail polish junkie.

14. I have a 2 mm permanent black bruised stripe on the right of my 4th finger on my left hand. I have had it since I got my finger trapped between a metal door when I was 3.

15. I am the person whose laugh is funnier than the joke. Everyone will laugh at my laugh.

16. I want to burn things, but many people ban me from it. Especially my friends since the time I accidently set some paper on fire in the middle of a biology practical. 

17. I hate mushrooms. The smell, taste, texture and everything. This is because my mum once fed me mushrooms everyday for an entire month. It's a nightmare. I have refused to eat mushrooms since then.

18. I can just drink green tea or lemon iced tea for the rest of my life. Okay, they may break my stomach. But you get my drift that I love them.

19. I have probably the worst travel/motion sickness ever. Except roller coasters. I love roller coasters, hence I can go on them 3 times before I vomit. 

20. I hate and refuse to wear a skirt or dress. They are really impractical. But I do wear a skirt to school because the school trousers are so hideous that it breaks my fashion meter. 

21. I don't get the chance very often but I love counting stars. 

22. I have the messiest room ever. I worship chaos in my room. Even when my mum is shouting my head off.

23. I am terrible at knitting and sewing. I can't do either to save my life.  

24. Belle was and still is my favourite Disney princess in terms of personality and looks.

25. I have a little obsession with cute notebooks. I have a collection of them. Whenever I see an affordable cute notebook, I will buy it. But I will never use it because I am scared of ruining the pretty pages. I have a similar obsession with cute stickers. I guess it's something I got from my mum.