02 February 2013

25 Facts About Moi

1. I can sing whenever, wherever. You can say a random word and I can and will break into a song.

2. I am an incredibly fussy eater. 

3. The sun makes me sleepy.

4. I get paper cuts on my hands easily. I currently have 3 small cuts on each hand. It's probably because I have quite thin skin on my hand or I just attract sharp objects. 

5. When I am cold, hungry, wet and tired, I am a ticking time bomb.

6. I have awful selective hearing and really short attention span.

7. Music is my happy place. I need music in my life.

8. I fell off a stage once when I was in year 3. I was completely unharmed. *touch wood*

9. I don't like gum, polo or anything even vaguely minty. 

10. I love the smell of old books. I can stay in an old book store forever. Plus they always have great books. 

11. I love corners of a room. I like sitting in a corner, alone, and think.

12. I am not ticklish at all. Yes, I have no soul.

13. I bite my nails a lot, despite being a girl. It's a habit I picked up when I got nervous. That is also how I became a nail polish junkie.

14. I have a 2 mm permanent black bruised stripe on the right of my 4th finger on my left hand. I have had it since I got my finger trapped between a metal door when I was 3.

15. I am the person whose laugh is funnier than the joke. Everyone will laugh at my laugh.

16. I want to burn things, but many people ban me from it. Especially my friends since the time I accidently set some paper on fire in the middle of a biology practical. 

17. I hate mushrooms. The smell, taste, texture and everything. This is because my mum once fed me mushrooms everyday for an entire month. It's a nightmare. I have refused to eat mushrooms since then.

18. I can just drink green tea or lemon iced tea for the rest of my life. Okay, they may break my stomach. But you get my drift that I love them.

19. I have probably the worst travel/motion sickness ever. Except roller coasters. I love roller coasters, hence I can go on them 3 times before I vomit. 

20. I hate and refuse to wear a skirt or dress. They are really impractical. But I do wear a skirt to school because the school trousers are so hideous that it breaks my fashion meter. 

21. I don't get the chance very often but I love counting stars. 

22. I have the messiest room ever. I worship chaos in my room. Even when my mum is shouting my head off.

23. I am terrible at knitting and sewing. I can't do either to save my life.  

24. Belle was and still is my favourite Disney princess in terms of personality and looks.

25. I have a little obsession with cute notebooks. I have a collection of them. Whenever I see an affordable cute notebook, I will buy it. But I will never use it because I am scared of ruining the pretty pages. I have a similar obsession with cute stickers. I guess it's something I got from my mum.

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  1. Great post! I hate mushrooms too! I mean...it's basically fungus! lol