13 February 2013

Can't Think of A Title So... Equilibrium?


Don't ask about the title. I have no idea either. 

It feels like it has been forever since I have done a half decent post with words. School needs to be less stressful and give us time to do things we want. Blargh.

It's been so cold recently and it snowed today. I feel like half of my posts is about snow. I can't help it. The weather has just been like that. But I think it's just slush now. I think I am starting to get bored of the snow, like people in Canada. 

So... what have I been up to for the past week?... -put on thinking cap-

-put on a thinking top hat on top of the cap- I have no memory. I don't remember anything.  (I know I look ridiculous.)

I had like 3 tests and quite a few homeworks. I sort of tidied my room. I got lots chocolates and sweets because I am a snack junkie. I had parents' evening yesterday. (I am not even going to get into that.) I have been doing things that required using my brain, and all the jazz.  (Hence the thinking cap and top hat.) 

I did get incredibly bored last Friday night (No, I am not going to break into the Katy Perry song because I don't like it) and I couldn't really be asked to do homeworks or read or play the piano and stuff so I ended up making cookies. By which I actually mean just making the cookie dough, not baking it all.  I have baked about 1/4 of it? I think I made too much cookie dough, considering I have made like 14 cookies already. The first batch was burnt, pretty badly because I set the temperature too high at the beginning. The second batch, which turned out okay was for my cousins and stuff and they liked it. I am going to make a batch for my friends tomorrow because I said I would for today, but I haven't. No, it's not for Valentine's Day, just no. They were Chocolate Sugar Cookies which didn't turn out very sweet, so everyone liked it. Yay for cookies not being ridiculously sweet. Yeah, mine weren't heart-shaped because 1. I am not making them for Valentine's Day and 2. I just couldn't shape them. They turned out like a very, very bad oval-shaped... thing. 

My uncle, aunt and 2 cousins came to visit my family and I. I haven't seen them since the summer of 2011. So I guess it's been a while. They stayed with us on Monday and Tuesday (Yesterday) night. My uncle and aunt are really nice people and have an... interesting sense of humour. My sister and I got on really well with my cousins even though we haven't really talked in ages. We did have a lot of food. Like seriously A LOT. I talked a lot about films with my uncle because he is into film and knows most of the awesome films. We did talk about Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy because it's a great movie and... it's a great movie. They also gave us lots of awesome presents from Hong Kong. I am really enjoying my magazines and food and all the other jazz. 

OH MY GOSH! It's been 3 weeks since I have done a music post. I feel so bad and like a lazy ass. Okay, I am lazy but not an ass and I should have done one. Considering I put like 420-something songs on my iPod on Saturday, I should do a post on some (definitely not all) music that I added. It will be a stupidly long post. Probably. Or not. That will be up on Friday. I think. Because it's the LOVELY Valentine's Day tomorrow. Yes, the LOVELY is me being sarcastic. 

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  1. I totally get you! So many exams, so little time... :1