26 November 2012

Music Madness Monday: Hey There Kelly

So... I am drinking a cup of nice, hot chicken and vegetable soup with a comfy pink blanket wrapped around me and typing away at my laptop. This is the life. :3

I think I should explain the title. I am incredibly bored right now and I was messing with the two songs in this post today. The title just sort of happened. You will see why... it's suppose to be funny. Not sure if it worked. 

My friend, Erin, linked me to Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's a few weeks ago. She was going on about how sweet it would be if a guy sang it to her. (She is a bit of a hopeless romantic) Surprisingly, it's a great song! I love this song. It's very sweet and the melody is very catchy. I had it stuck in my head for several days. Apparently not many people have heard of it and I was like... I have heard it before! Which might mean I am weird. 

Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson. I saw her on The Ellen Show a few days ago (I LOVE THE ELLEN SHOW, but I will talk about that some other time). She is brilliant! I love this song. Especially her long dress in the music video was stunning! I was blasting it all day yesterday and then it came on the radio. It just made my day. I am those sort of girl who, when she loves a particular song, replay it all day long. 

That is all. Byebye~

P.S. I started doing I Giorni on my own! It's actually not that difficult. It's a beautiful song. I am already half way through, so I am super proud. woo! 

19 November 2012

Music Madness Monday: Ludovico Einaudi

I feel really bad that I haven't done another blog post before this one, since the last one was on music as well. But I have been swamped with so much work and I am so so so tired. I am totally drained. I have been revising like crazy and doing so much work. So I hope I am forgiven.

Anyway, I have a peculiar way of helping me revise. I like listening to music when I work. I have a hard time concentrating, so I listen to more classical music to help myself concentrated in the revision. So, as you might have guessed, I have been listening to a lot of classical music. So the spotlight this time is...

Ludovico Einaudi

He is a genius! His music is absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful. I know that he is a Neoclassical musician, and not a classical one but oh well! But his music is so beautiful and poignant that I keep putting it on replay and shuffle. 

I ordered his "best of" piano sheet music so I can learn soon. So, YAY! (That is when I get my life back after all the work stop killing me.)

Just about every single one of his pieces are lovely, but I do have my favourites. and they are: 

  • I Giorni
  • Giorni dispari
  • Oltremare
  • Dietro Casa
  • In Un'altra Vita
  • Divenire

That is all. So... Sayonara! (Sayonara is my favourite way to say goodbye. It's sort of sad and beautiful at the same time.) 

12 November 2012

Music Madness Monday: T-Swift, Maroon 5 & Aplin

Another segment! I know what you are thinking... YAY! I know right?! Every week, I have new music favourites which might be old or new. You never know. But MUSIC MADNESS!!! And yes, I will be kick-starting every week with music, because even if you don't want to admit it... Music = Life.

I know you will all be going: "She is SUCH a typical girl" but seriously, who doesn't love Taylor Swift? I have all her albums and love them so much! I listen to them all the time. So... I obviously loved her new album, Red. 

She is so beautiful! I love this cover. 

But I have my favourites. I love Red, the song which gave this album it's title, and I knew you were trouble

So, apart from going on about how much I love Taylor Swift and her beautiful song and lyrics, I have two more song favourites to shout out.

1.  One More Night by Maroon 5. Maroon 5 has always been totally awesome but this song was really good! The lyrics was sort of depressing but oh well! Who doesn't love a depressing song?! 

2. This one... I have just discovered today while I was on Youtube browsing music. It's called The Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin. The song was beautiful, her voice was beautiful and the lyrics was so gorgeous! Totally go check her out. She is brilliant.

That is all for my first Music Madness Monday. This one has quite a lot in since it's the first one. Be sure to check those songs out. You will fall in love with them. 

11 November 2012

In Chingy's Wonderland: Banana bunnies

1. Let me introduce this brilliant segment of my blog. 

This is the first and in my opinion, the best segment. This segment, "In Chingy's Wonderland", is essentially what the title says. I call my crazy mind the ''Wonderland'', which might not make a lot of sense, but I personally think it works. Especially when I sing to my fairies. This entire segment would be where I talk about anything random and awesome in my mind, whether I just made it up or it actually exists.

2. To kick start the first "In Chingy's wonderland"......

Banana bunnies >w<

On one fine Sunday, in the wonders of my mind, I created... THE BANANA BUNNIES! They are, as their name suggests, bunnies with bananas. They are adorable, fluffy bunnies which eats bananas! They come in the colours: white, blonde and grey. But be cautious. If you get on their bad sides, they will most probably bite your heads off.  They will reappear in my blog a few times, I hope you like these furry, little friends. 

10 November 2012


Yoshi! (That's one of my many ways to say hello) My name is Ka-Ching, but common known to my friends as Chingy. I would love to introduce myself with (with a cheesy American accent) "I am a sweet girl from Alabama", which my friends would tell death-glare at me because I am not sweet, nor am I from Alabama or the states. I am originally from Hong Kong, but I have lived in Britain most of my life. I am known for how randomly crazy and weird I am, so I thought: hey! Why not start a blog about it?! So here I am, with a blog to show all my Chingyness. Chingyness is a special word to describe me as my friends can't put me with a word due to all my random awesomness. I hope you enjoy this blog and stay tune for awesome stuff ^_^