10 November 2012


Yoshi! (That's one of my many ways to say hello) My name is Ka-Ching, but common known to my friends as Chingy. I would love to introduce myself with (with a cheesy American accent) "I am a sweet girl from Alabama", which my friends would tell death-glare at me because I am not sweet, nor am I from Alabama or the states. I am originally from Hong Kong, but I have lived in Britain most of my life. I am known for how randomly crazy and weird I am, so I thought: hey! Why not start a blog about it?! So here I am, with a blog to show all my Chingyness. Chingyness is a special word to describe me as my friends can't put me with a word due to all my random awesomness. I hope you enjoy this blog and stay tune for awesome stuff ^_^ 


  1. good luck with your blog , i've been blogging since a month now and it's such a fun thing to do :)

    xx Liyana

    PS : i'm having a MAC giveaway on my blog to celebrate my first month of blogging

    1. Thank you very much. I hope to enjoy this blog, I have lots of interesting ideas. I will be entering the giveaway. Hope it's okay. and thank you very much for commenting on my post.