11 November 2012

In Chingy's Wonderland: Banana bunnies

1. Let me introduce this brilliant segment of my blog. 

This is the first and in my opinion, the best segment. This segment, "In Chingy's Wonderland", is essentially what the title says. I call my crazy mind the ''Wonderland'', which might not make a lot of sense, but I personally think it works. Especially when I sing to my fairies. This entire segment would be where I talk about anything random and awesome in my mind, whether I just made it up or it actually exists.

2. To kick start the first "In Chingy's wonderland"......

Banana bunnies >w<

On one fine Sunday, in the wonders of my mind, I created... THE BANANA BUNNIES! They are, as their name suggests, bunnies with bananas. They are adorable, fluffy bunnies which eats bananas! They come in the colours: white, blonde and grey. But be cautious. If you get on their bad sides, they will most probably bite your heads off.  They will reappear in my blog a few times, I hope you like these furry, little friends. 

1 comment:

  1. So much Chingy grammar XD But lol, banana bunnies are awesome. You totally need to draw one and put it on your deviantART page, then link to it here ;)