19 November 2012

Music Madness Monday: Ludovico Einaudi

I feel really bad that I haven't done another blog post before this one, since the last one was on music as well. But I have been swamped with so much work and I am so so so tired. I am totally drained. I have been revising like crazy and doing so much work. So I hope I am forgiven.

Anyway, I have a peculiar way of helping me revise. I like listening to music when I work. I have a hard time concentrating, so I listen to more classical music to help myself concentrated in the revision. So, as you might have guessed, I have been listening to a lot of classical music. So the spotlight this time is...

Ludovico Einaudi

He is a genius! His music is absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful. I know that he is a Neoclassical musician, and not a classical one but oh well! But his music is so beautiful and poignant that I keep putting it on replay and shuffle. 

I ordered his "best of" piano sheet music so I can learn soon. So, YAY! (That is when I get my life back after all the work stop killing me.)

Just about every single one of his pieces are lovely, but I do have my favourites. and they are: 

  • I Giorni
  • Giorni dispari
  • Oltremare
  • Dietro Casa
  • In Un'altra Vita
  • Divenire

That is all. So... Sayonara! (Sayonara is my favourite way to say goodbye. It's sort of sad and beautiful at the same time.) 

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