26 November 2012

Music Madness Monday: Hey There Kelly

So... I am drinking a cup of nice, hot chicken and vegetable soup with a comfy pink blanket wrapped around me and typing away at my laptop. This is the life. :3

I think I should explain the title. I am incredibly bored right now and I was messing with the two songs in this post today. The title just sort of happened. You will see why... it's suppose to be funny. Not sure if it worked. 

My friend, Erin, linked me to Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's a few weeks ago. She was going on about how sweet it would be if a guy sang it to her. (She is a bit of a hopeless romantic) Surprisingly, it's a great song! I love this song. It's very sweet and the melody is very catchy. I had it stuck in my head for several days. Apparently not many people have heard of it and I was like... I have heard it before! Which might mean I am weird. 

Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson. I saw her on The Ellen Show a few days ago (I LOVE THE ELLEN SHOW, but I will talk about that some other time). She is brilliant! I love this song. Especially her long dress in the music video was stunning! I was blasting it all day yesterday and then it came on the radio. It just made my day. I am those sort of girl who, when she loves a particular song, replay it all day long. 

That is all. Byebye~

P.S. I started doing I Giorni on my own! It's actually not that difficult. It's a beautiful song. I am already half way through, so I am super proud. woo! 

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