02 December 2012

-ing #01

Before I start this post... IT'S DECEMBER! So... Christmas! woo! Winter is like official. (Just thought it was worth mentioning.)

International Nutella Gala!!!

Joking! I do love Nutella though. -ing is basically I tell you guys what I have been... well, for example, reading at the moment. Hence the -ing ending. Not the most creative segment name, I know. But it will do.

Reading: Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

I am about... 70 pages into this book? It's 305 pages long... so I really am not that far in. It is quite a light and sweet read. It has more than one fairytale aspect in, so it's very fun. 

I can't actually get this book where I live, so I ordered it hardback on bookdepository.co.uk. They have free shipping, so it's brilliant. 

Check out the reviews of Enchanted on Goodreads (Click on the word). I am not sure whether I will write a review on this after I finish or not, since I am awful at writing reviews. I also have a lot of books on my to-read list... however, this is not great since I am awfully slow at reading. 

Watching (TV series): Once Upon A Time

I AM FRICKING IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW! I absolutely adore it. It's totally up my street in terms of story. 

I still need to see the 9th episode of season 2 (which airs tonight) but I am currently in tears (I am not, but that is just me being me and very dramatic). This winter finale is killing me. 4 weeks! That's 4 weeks of no fun! How can it takes 4 weeks to resume the series? I just.... am addicted to this series. If you haven't seen or heard of it: 
  1. You have not lived
  2. You need to check it out. NOW! Immediately. 
  3. WATCH IT! and LOVE IT
My favourite characters are definitely Belle, Rumplestiltskin, Snow (NOT Mary Margaret) and Ruby/Red. They are so awesome for so many different reasons. Watch the show and you will see why. For the record, this show has a habit of having cute guys. Just so you are warned.

If you haven't realise already, there is a pattern. I love my fairytales. I love them so much! I love it when they remake a fairytale with twists and surprises, since I am very good at predicating plots. 

Magazine-ing: Company December 2012

I love my fashion magazines. I am not a fashion guru and is "dope" with fashion, but I do like reading fashion magazines. Sometimes Korean or Japanese fashion, but those are hard to get my hands on. So I usually stick to ones I can get at supermarkets. 

Company is one of my favourite high-street fashion magazine. I have a lot of their volumes, like the February one and the September one. I just really like the content that they have and the price is so reasonable.  

Searching: Christmas presents

If I have an idea, I am great at presents. If I don't have a single clue, I am terrible. 

It's coming up to Christmas soon and I really need to get my friends and family presents. I have no luck right now. I just don't know what to get everyone. But I am searching and hopefully, I will be a present master! mwahahahahahaha. I have considered making people things, but I am really bad. So that's one option down, 67 more to go. 

I also just finished my truly horrible week of mock exams! YAY! All the revising and stuff was just so stressful and I am just so glad that's over and done with. Having 7 exams was not easy. Just... fingers crossed that my results turn out okay.

That is all. Byebye~

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