21 December 2012

Happy 21.12.12 Apocalypse! I'm Joking

First thing first, I don't believe it's the end of the world today. 

I am just chilling at home right now, TGIF! Got my favourite flavour Pringles today, Texas BBQ Sauce. It's so good!

I had a weird cup of hot chocolate today. Yes, I did make it myself. It didn't taste weird, although it wasn't sweet enough. The weird thing was that my dad walked past and said: Why you drinking coffee? Then my little sister walked past and said: Why you drinking warm Ribena? I was like: -unimpressed- IT'S HOT CHOCOLATE! 

I haven't done my nails in months because school doesn't allow it but I have finally found time to do my nails! Now it's all green and red and christmasy. I also did my little sister's nails. Yes, she called me weird again. I don't do my nails in a logical pattern. Tbf, I don't do much logically. I also got her some new nail polishes as Christmas presents. They are all sparkly and cute. 

Now I feel like drawing, I might go and do that. 

Motivational Poster, GO!
Yes, live life to the fullest because we are living.

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