24 December 2012

Christmas Eve Music Madness & Questionnaire

Hello Christmasy and Sparkly Dreamers! 

Yes, it's Christmas Eve! I am excited for Christmas tomorrow. Okay, maybe not that much. My dad is really ill at the moment so I doubt I am having a fantastic Christmas dinner tomorrow. But that's not going to break my spirit! 

Before I start the little questionnaire (@ Amarixe)... because it's Christmas Eve, if anyone asked me if I believe in Santa? HELLYEAH! Who doesn't?! 

1.) Mood:
I am not sure. I think it's a mix of hungry, CHRISTMAS and boredom. 

2.) Which is your favourite holiday to celebrate?
It's close between Christmas or New Year's Day. Christmas is brilliant because everyone is so into the spirit and it's beautiful everywhere with decorations. But New Year's Day is also awesome because it celebrates a New Year. 

3.) Who do you typically spend your favourite holiday with?
Ma famille (Sorry, just had to go French) - Mum, Dad, Sister

4.) Current nail polish(es):
Oh gosh! Okay, I am girl who is crazy with nail polishes as I have said before. So here's the list:

  • GOSH - Forest Floor
  • China Glaze - Ruby Deer
  • China Glaze - Phat Santa
  • China Glaze - Fairy Dust
  • Color Club - Perfect Mol-Ten
  • Silver Crackle

5.) Holiday shopping: do you get it done early or leave it until the last minute?
I am definitely a do-it-early person. I get presents ages in advance, usually. This year, I got most things at the last minute and I still have to get my two bessies their presents, but we agreed to give afterwards because of our awful mock exams which took like a month off my timetable. 

6.) Current outfit:

  • Skelanimals long-sleeve t-shirt. It has a sequinned and sparkly Jack on it. Skelanimals are awesome and adorable
  • cream Animal hoodie
  • Purple skinnys

7.) Holiday gifts: do you enjoy giving or receiving gifts more?
Definitely giving presents. I love to see people's happy faces when they open their surprises. Seeing people's surprise faces are the best! It's priceless! 

8.) What is your favourite holiday tradition?
I don't think my family has one! -sadface- I wish I have one, but I don't. 

9.) What is your favourite holiday treat?
Apple pie with cornish ice-cream. Lots of hot chocolate with 4x the cream on top. 

10.) Weekly goals:
To enjoy spending time with my family and reading (currently back into that) 

Since it's Christmas Eve and I promised that I would have Christmasy music favourites today... Enjoy!

I love Medleys. So let's have a good festive one!

Sorry, I don't like Justin Bieber. He just ruins the song. This cover is so much better! At least it does the song some justice.

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas song for everyone and everyone needs a little Michael Buble for Christmas.

Last but definitely not least... 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Okay, I admit I don't know any of the lyrics. But hey! Everyone loves 12 Days of Christmas! (Plus this version has lyrics! Yay!) My little sister and I tried to remember all 12 days and sing it really fast. We failed, and she cheated. 

Hope you are blasting the songs and having a lot of festive, holiday fun with your families.

Merry Christmas! 

Love, Ka-Ching xxx


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