05 December 2012

Let It Snow~

It's been so cold lately and I was planning on shouting at the sky if it doesn't snow soon. 

But but but... IT SNOWED! woo~ (Random raving and raising the roof and dancing) 

So I was in the middle of lesson when the snow started and my entire class was like... SNOW! and gosh! It was snowing so heavily. Well, on and off. Mostly very snowy. The ground even started layering snow. (Not sure if layer is the word, but you get what I mean?) 

At lunchtime, I literally asked my friends what christmasy songs are related to snowing and my friend was like :O There are loads! and I was like: -_- I know, I just can't remember. Then we just started singing Let It Snow and Winter Wonderland. And White Christmas. Given that I can't sing very well and usually sing really flatly, I failed. I couldn't even remember the lyrics to Winter Wonderland. Oh well, Christmas carols and songs are slightly over-rated. Plus our school did randomly play christmasy song for like 2 hours last Thursday. 

However, the snow is so pretty! The cold and wet, less so. Seriously, the snow is so pretty and pale and white. White is kind of my favourite colour? It's very clean and neat in my opinion. Perhaps it was the fact that we were all warm and cosy inside so my friend and I just sort of stared out the window and was like SNOW! 

Snow = Awesome. Enough said. 

I should really go outside and build a snowman, because I think there probably is enough snow. Being as lazy as I am, I prefer staying indoor, with a cup of hot green tea, which is what I am doing. So it's all good. 

Anyway, the weather forecast say that it will snow tomorrow as well. So yay! (Not that I really trust weather forecasts) It had stopped snowing for like 2 hours. Fingers crossed it starts snowing again. 

What the snow looks like outside my living room. So pretty!

P.S. I went to Belgium (school trip) to the battlefields. Actually, maybe it was Northern France? Well, we went to both. Basically, we were on a battlefield and it just started snowing. It was late October but I was like... YAY! But less so because I was on the middle of a field, all cold and wet and outdoors and I really just... wasn't going to embrace the snow. Who would want to freeze to death? 

P.P.S. I don't even want to imagine the mushy slush when the snow starts to melt. It's all brown and gross. Let's just hope it snows for a while. 

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  1. Hey! I live it the UK too! And ive been to belgium! and I also have a new blog like you! :P
    libby xo