15 December 2012

I'm Officially In Holiday Spirit And No More School This Year!

Today has been the first official day of my lovely Christmas holiday. Yes, I love staying at home, lazying around and doing absolutely nothing.

Actually, it's more like I have been confined to my house for the next few days. I actually injured my right heel/ankle two days ago, which is unfortunate. If you are wondering what happened, a metal door at school smashed into the back of my ankle and blood just soaked my tights. So yeah, I have been having difficulties walking for the past few days since it's really painful. I know you are all gasping at the horror of how it sounds but it's seriously not that bad. It's not that painful. The wound isn't big at all, but it does cause pain when I put my heel down. My dad thought I was made of tofu when he sprayed those spray-on plaster thing onto my wound. I was like: NO Dad, I am not 4 any more. I have a high tolerance to pain, which is slightly unnerving. So I am resting at home for a few days.

Anyway, enough of the horrible stuff... IT'S CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY!!!!! woooo~ 

I am super exciting because 
1. There is going to be no school for like 3 weeks. 
2. Christmas 
and 3. New Year

My school broke up (ended) at 12 noon yesterday. My metro had a stupid 20 minutes delay in the morning so I ended up with freezing toes because school black pumps does not keep your feet warm. School was interesting. My class played Articulate in English, which is the only lesson I got, because my teacher is so nice and my class is just awesome. I got applauded just because I was an awesome person. Yes yes, I am very very awesome. Then I got my end of term report which was quite good. I was happy with it, mainly because all the grades were based upon our mock exam results and I did quite well in that. Choir performance at the last assembly was interesting. Yes, I am in the choir. We sang a carol and the entire school sang like a Christmas medley. That was interesting. I can not put it any other way. I don't feel anxiety like a normal person would. I have little emotions, so if sometime upsets me, you sure know it's awful. You have been warned. All in all, it was a good end to this year at school.  

I basically got home and did sod all. Okay, I spend ages on the internet looking through random stuff... like what good YA books came out this year and other people's blogs etc and listened music and talked to my friends until really late. My friend, Erin, just went to South Africa this morning for Christmas. I bet she is going to have lots of fun. I hope so too. I also talked about Santa with another friend. Now that was fun. It's hilarious when you talk about Santa in general anyway.

I woke up at like 1 o'clock in the afternoon today because I am so tired. School just drains any energy you have got in you. I just spent my entire day watching random videos and stuff. Nothing interesting at all. I just wanted to let you guys know what I have been up to. Hope this post didn't bore you that much. 

A pretty photo I found to kick-start the holiday. ^_^

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