03 December 2012

Music Madness Monday: Ailee and J-Min

Where I live is so cold right now, so I am sipping my lovely and hot apple tea while enjoying music. And of course, eating some delicious Belgian waffles with Nutella which is like Heaven on a plate. No jokes.  

I am a huge fan of K-Pop. I even wrote an English essay at school about K-Pop. Yes, I was a fan before Gangnam Style took over the world. I prefer K-Pop relating more to bands and groups. Sadly, I don't know a single word in Korean, apart from saying Hello.


First thing first, she is so pretty! That is just my opinion but I really do think she is very sweet and talented. 

She made her debut back in February with Heaven.  

Heaven is just gorgeous! 
  1. Her singing is amazing. Her voice is beautiful. Absolutely talented girl.
  2. The song itself is beautiful. I can put it on replay for like... forever. 
  3. The music video: so awesome! The entire aura of the video was very clean and pure, but also with a hint of sadness, which is most likely given by the story of the music video. (The story makes everyone cry like a baby at the end) But but but.... There was Korean-looking Jesus! Come on! How can you not go wow when you see Korean-looking Jesus?! (Check it out)
Her debut single was followed by another brilliant song, I'll show you. This song had a lot more Pop and dancing and in my opinion, the fast bits of the song took away the beauty of her voice. However, the slow bit at the start is so pretty. I wish that it can be slow all the way through, but that might just be me loving sad and slow music. This song was more "mainstream" than  her debut single. (American accent): Man! That girl can dance! 

Living in Britain makes it so hard to get my hand on ANY East Asian music. However, I am determined that I will get her mini album, Invitation. 


J-Min is a singer/songwriter who is active under both Japanese and Korean labels. I like her a lot since her songs are a lot more rock influenced and less of the cheesey pop music that you get these days. I am not much of a chart music girl. If I like a song, that's because I like it and not because it's been on the charts. 

Stand Up is an awesome song. It's one of the soundtracks for To The Beautiful You, which is like the 4th TV adaptation of Hana Kimi. I am still debating whether to watch it or not, because Hana Kimi's story is a bit overused. Anyway, back to the song. The music video is awesome. It has that forest feeling to it which I am loving. Anything that can remind me of fairytales, I will love it! 

Now you know that I love K-Pop, be sure to stay tuned. There is going to be more East Asian music coming along. 

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