31 May 2013

-ing APR/MAY 2013

Hello My Precious Earthling Babies! (Okay, that does sound weird but hey! It's me.)

Another -ing. I feel like I haven'e done one in ages and I really haven't. I have been doing so much lately and here's my attempt to tell you what I am doing at the moment that's not school-related. Or exam-related. Or revision-related.

Joining: GOODREADS! and Pulseit

Reading: --------> Goodreads sidebar

Listening (Audio Book): Seriously... I'm Kidding - Ellen DeGeneres

Watching (TV series): The Mentalist

Watching (Anime): Post coming soon! ^_^ 


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  • Vivi - August 2012
  • Company - February & April 2013

Searching: Artsy/Drawing Materials

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