05 May 2013

May, Summer Plans and Chocolate

Hello! The weather is exceptionally fine today. I am in a t-shirt and have a window open. Seriously, can you believe Britain can have nice weather like this in Spring? No, I can't either.

I know it's already 5 days into May but still, Happy May! I am sure everyone is probably going to have a better May than me since I have loads of exams. Speaking of which, I start my exams on the 10th! It's like 5 days away and I am super freaked out because...... it's 5 days away! I have been revising like hell but exams are still really nerve-wrecking. 

It is a little early but have any of you got plans for the summer? I just received a letter like 2 days ago that I got accepted to this summer school. I was super excited. Okay, it's only a 3 days Food Science summer school so it sounds boring to most people. However, it seems like a lot of fun to me and I can't wait! I am also planning to do some work shadowing experience placement or get a summer job. It's quite hard but I want to make the most of my summer since it will be the end of all my stressful exams. 

Have you tried these babies? 


If you haven't had these babies yet, you should try them. You would be pleasantly surprised. Cadbury's Crispello reminds me of Kinder Bueno, bar the hazelnut filling. Kinder Bueno still tastes the best, but Crispello are quite nice. I swear I am the only person who doesn't understand the name Crispello. Why Crispello? Now I get to the Popcorn. When I first saw them I was like: Oh, this look interesting. I should try it. Then I tried them and I was like: I am not entirely sure if I like them or not. I mean they tastes awesome cos it's toffee-coated popcorn, extra coated in chocolate. I am still not sure if I like them or not, but they taste good. 

It's Bank Holiday tomorrow! YAY~ Who doesn't love an extra day to whatever you want?! 

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