03 January 2013

2013 Resolutions

Hello my refreshed earthling babies! 

2013 is like officially upon us. So... it's time for resolutions. Okay, I have to admit I suck at resolutions. They are usually forgotten immediately. I know I am bad at it but I am determine to actually stick to it this year. Yes, I have decided to do a blog post to remind myself as well as the big "poster" on the wall above my desk. 

1.  ACTUALLY eat healthier and lose some weight

I have gained an incredible amount of weight last year. I just have to lost those weight and I want to do that by eating healthy. Yes, holiday chocolates or tasty snacks in general are my weakness. I want to actually get out of the habit of eating junk when I am bored, which I am sure everyone does. Who doesn't snack when they have time?! 

2. Read. Read. Read.

I used to read a lot when I was a kid. But I somehow hasn't been reading for the past 3 years or so in my free time. My excuse would be that school work has been hell and I don't have time. That is partly true but I really want to start reading again. I love reading. It's a big hobby of mine, and I am not just saying that to "sound good". I am planning on participating in Book Challenges to encourage and motivate myself. I haven't decided which ones to go with, but I will do a post as soon as I have decided. Since I love YA novels, it leads me on to...

3. Begin writing my story

My love for YA friction, especially science friction and romance, is HUGE and makes me want to write my story. I want to say I am aspiring to be a writer but I am not. I have an (in my opinion) amazing idea for a story and I want to write it. I am not trying to sound pompous or anything, I just want a chance to express my creativity and imagination through a story I create. I hope you guys can support me. 

4. Regularly blog - post twice a week?

I know I have only started blogging two months ago. But I really do love blogging. It allows me to express myself and my thoughts through words for other people to read. I am hoping and think I might be able to pull off posting twice a week. At least twice anyway. 

5. Exercise! Mebbez (Maybe) 3 hours outside of school?

I am a lazy person. I admit that. I do the bare minimum exercise I can. I hate doing anything physical. However, exercise contributes to staying healthy and it's good for you. So I have decided to actually start doing more exercise this year. I do like 3 hours of exercise at school anyway, but I want to do things outside of school. I quitted ballet dancing last year. I am planning on starting contemporary and hip hop dancing this year. Not sure how well it will go, but I want to give it a try. I am also thinking of starting yoga with my mother and sister. It's suppose to be good for you body and soul. So why not give it a try?

I probably have more I would want to achieve this year, but those are all the ones I really want to accomplish. I hope everyone enjoyed 2012 and is embracing 2013 with good resolutions. Talk to ya later~    

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