08 January 2013

Music Madness: (Some) Best of 2012!

Hello Sleepy Dreamers!

Sorry for the late post. Yesterday was my last day of holiday and I am now officially switched off from holiday mode, which is depressing. School started today and it’s not pretty. I already have a ridiculous amount of homework. It’s slowly killing me, which I am sure would kill anyone. It’s only the first day back! Anyway, enough of my boring rant and onto music! I decided to do this eye-candy style (again) because 1. It’s pretty and 2. It’s easier than writing it. These are some of my favourites from 2012, totally check them out if you haven’t, I can guarantee you will like some of them. If you are a girl who plays a song you like 100 times, then you are exactly like me. I can put a song I like on replay forever. My favourites also mean I have listened to them countless times. I have quite a particular taste in music but still, hope you like them!  


East Asian Music favourites of 2012 are coming next week, so please look forward to it! 

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