12 January 2013


Happy 12.01.2013! 

I know it's already January, but it is never too late for Christmas presents! My lovely Aunt Phoebe, who lives in Hong Kong sent my family adorable Christmas presents again. She send us presents for Christmas every year, with awesome stuff she usually gets from City'super. So it means that they are awesome Japanese goodies. For 2010, she sent us cozy shoulder "cardigans" (I have no idea what you call those things) and for 2011, she got us cool travel mugs which we can decorate ourselves. But what she got me this year is just AWESOME. It's legend---wait for it---dary! (Quoting Barney Stinson any day.)

-Drum roll- They are fingerless gloves! 

Original Packaging

I received the gloves a few days ago, but I haven't gotten the chance to wear them until today. And Oh My Gosh, they are incredibly warm. They keep my hands surprisingly warm and look stylish at the same time. What more could I have ask for in gloves?! They are by a Japanese brand called Stream (everyday nice socks). Not sure if they are new or not, but I think they are awesome. My little sister chose the light brown ones while my mother got the darker brown ones. I am special with blue. -cheesy grin-

Yes, that is my hand. And Yes, I did do my nails awesomely. I got sort of bored last night and decided to go crazy with crackles. I love those at the moment. I just went with a dark navy base colour and put white, gold or silver crackles on top. I think they turned out quite well. I wear the ring all the time. My mum gave it to me for Christmas 2 years back, and she had brought it ages ago (when she was way younger). I love it, it's really pretty. 

And this is me. Cheerio! I don't think I have posted a picture of myself before, but here it is. The gloves just go well with anything. I was trying out a middle parting today. I usually have my hair parted far right. I wanted to know if I would suit a middle parting so I was like: "Why not I just try it?". So that's that. My conclusion (with the help of Beth and my family) is that I do suit a middle parting. Well, I don't look bad anyway. What do you think? 

I spent most of my day today with Beth and we exchanged Christmas presents, watched a great movie which I probably will talk about at some point on my blog and we played The Sims 3 (I made a fairy!). It's a belated Christmas gift exchange but 1. It's better late than never and 2. We haven't had time earlier. 

So she got me a few things and they are all amazing. She knows me too so well. She got me candles! I love candles. I wanted to get some during winter sale but my parents were afraid I would burn the house down so they refused to let me buy any. Since Beth got me some, they have no excuse. (So HA! In parent's faces!)  

L to R: Cinnamon Sticks. Ginger Cookies.Snowcapped Pine. Vanilla Creme

They all smell delicious! I just want to eat them. Not literally. But the ginger cookies and the cinnamon sticks are gorgeous. I didn't think I would like spices smells so much. So yay! for having candles now.

Knowing that I am a bit of an art fanatic, she got me arty stuff. She got me a new A4 sketchbook and a 12" wooden manikin. The manikin is going to come in so handy, since I have a semi-realistic style of drawing. I am going to make good use of both of those as I have recently finished my last A4 sketchbook. She also got me a nice blue A5 notebook which I am not sure what I will use it for yet, but I will make good use of it. 

Last but definitely not least... -more drum roll- The Sims 3! I am not a gaming nerd, unlike most of my friends, I hardly play games because 1. My dad doesn't really let me and 2. I prefer doing other things. However, there were two games that I have really wanted for a while now. They are Portal and The Sims 3. Beth gave me her extra copy of Sims 3! (I did threw a big hug at her) So now I can play The Sims 3 when I get bored. And I will have all the expansion packs. I am actually doing my "Oh Yeah!" dance right now. I am sure I look hilarious.

Hope you guys had a lovely 2nd Saturday of January! 

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