26 January 2013

Introducing Cubicfoxy

You are all probably wondering what or who is Cubicfoxy. Well, I am not telling you! You don't get to know. HA!

Okay, I am joking. Cubicfoxy is a tumblr user. 

"Cubicfoxy's view of the sea.
A little fox lost in a big city." 

Here's something about Foxy: 

She is a 16 years old girl from South Africa but living in England. She loves kawaii (adorable) things, manga/anime, video games (especially Legend of Zelda), books, films and drawing. She is awesome and friendly. 

Now you know a bit about her... guess who she is! 

Here are your clues: 
  • I have mentioned her before.
  • I mentioned her in more than one music post.
  • She went to South Africa for Christmas
If you don't know who it is... you fail. It's Erin! My bessie Erin that I have mentioned several times before and she got a tumblr account recent. Go check her out! She is really awesome. She is a tumblr girl and I am a blog girl. But we are still awesome friends. 

waka waka waka waka waka waka mew mew! 
This is the extent of our awesome inside jokes. Nah, who am I kidding? We can be a lot weirder. 

Oh! She is a weird cat lady. I am not kidding. She love cats and just animals in general. She is probably going to give me a death stare for calling her weird cat lady. Oops. Oh well. 

Erin is very sweet. This is what she said about me:

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