13 March 2013

Talking Nonsense When I Should Be Revising


I am just watching videos on Youtube and reading when really I should be revising. But revising is no fun. 

Anyway, I just want to talk about something really weird that happened today. It's been snowing and hailing on and off all day. Seriously, it's mid-March and snowing. -insert scientific reasoning- But it's insane! Apart from that, I received a letter from my GP's medical centre wishing me a Happy Birthday (my birthday is two weeks away). No, it doesn't stop there. It gets weirder. They also attached two A4 posters on "Improving your self esteem". I mean: really... WHAT?! -weirdly shocked face- I really don't see what turning 16 has to do with your self esteem of anything. Apparently according to my mum, it's cute. I mean, it is quite funny. BUT WEIRD! 

Oh oh OH! I watched Cloud Atlas during the weekend! It's such a good movie! It is also very weird and disturbing at the same time. Nonetheless, the story about Frobisher was so touching and heartbreaking at the same time. It sort of tore my heart out at the end. Ben Whishaw was amazing, such a great actor. Seriously, I recommend watching the film. It's good, but beware it's rated 15 and there are disturbing bits. Cloud Atlas Sextet is a beautiful piece of music. It's stunningly beautiful. I learnt how to play it on the piano and I love it. Now go and Youtube it. Listen to it and you will see how beautiful it is. 

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