09 March 2013

Roller coaster of Life


I am just chilling here with delicious apple pie and vanilla ice-cream and my awesome blog. I haven't wrote anything here for 2 weeks, give or take a day or two. I have just been so busy lately and I really wish I have time to blog more often. I found time now so I am going to spend some quality time with my buddy.  

I think life can often be described as a roller coaster. It has it's up and down. Some times in a different order to how you think it will happen. Life is a series of unexpected events. Or moments. It makes you reflect on your life and how you have made the most of it or ruined and wasted it. 

It's 18 days until my birthday. 18 days until I turn 16. I want to reflect on what I have done with my life and what I can do better or differently. Reality basically smashed into my face when I got my exam time table yesterday. I am not the smartest student. Nor do I have the most exam papers in the summer. I will do the best I can but exam seriously takes like 3 years off our lives. It's still 2 months until I have to start my first exam, but pressure is definitely on. School, teachers, peers and parents give you an overwhelming amount of stress and pressure that you don't really realise. It is hard to handle and it can drain and slowly kill you. Don't keep it all in. It's not good for you. Let it all out. All of it. Cry, scream, punch. Do whatever you want to let it out. It will make you feel better and you deserve to feel better. I think it's best in life to stay positive and think about the beauty of the world you are in and your life, but still be sort of realistic about it. I am not a person who let myself feel emotions easily, so I don't get stressed or pressured as easily as other people. But I hope all of you out there who are pressured or upset as exams and revision is coming up to feel better. You need to relax and think about all the things you have achieved and what a great person you are. As a person who recently dealt with a part failure, I understand life is not easy. However, you have to make the most it. Take time out for yourself so you can think back in like 30 years time and still remember life was not all that bad back when you though it's all doom and hell. 

That's enough of my rambling and "You just sound so mysterious whenever you try to sound philosophical" quoted from my dear friend Beth. I have an art exam in like 2 weeks and I have a ridiculous amount of art coursework I still have to do. So I should get going to do that. I am actually quite motivated in art as my art teacher complimented me and called me an "artist" for doing things that she wouldn't have thought of. I think it's nice get motivated sometimes, it cheers me up. To all you artists, you are all very talented. Art is about expressing yourself in the way you want. Like words. Don't let anyone or anything get you down.  

I wish all of you out there, stressed or not, good luck with whatever you are doing! ^_^

P.S. Erin and Beth, this one is for you guys. You know I love you guys to bits so cheer up! Be happy :)  


  1. I really like this post, good luck on your exams! :) xox

  2. I did a post similar to this like an hour ago! www.cherrytruth2.blogspot.co.uk

    Good luck in your exams!! I remember when I did art gcse! it was so much work but so worth it! I thought I would get a C or B but got an A*! So as long as you put in the work you'll be okay! :D :D xxx

    1. I really like your post. I think Zoella's video was really good too.
      I think I am going to do okay in my exam but thank you for the luck, because I will need it. :)