19 March 2013

I Can't Speak French

Bonjour! (That is just about how much French I know.) 

(Well, apart from if I want to go to France. But I can speak English there.)

I'm just being a little silly because I am super relived right now. I am so glad all my French speaking control assessments is over. That thing was scary and I swear it's designed torture kids. Yup, I basically walked out of French and was like YAAAAAAY! NO MORE FRENCH SPEAKING!!! A little bit quieter but you get the just. Okay, I am a little TOO relived but it's understandable. I truly suck at French. But I pulled through both the speaking control assessment and now I am free. Sort of. I have Art exam tomorrow. Blargh. I am just going to enjoy tonight with some victory dancing? -randomly waving my arms around and not sure if that's called dancing-

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