14 March 2013

A Little Bit of Awesome Goes a Long Way


Want to know how "bubbly" and "lively" I am? Well, here it is.

Erin and I were sort of late to afternoon registration. We were about 2 minutes late. So we walked in and Beth told us to tell our form supervisor we were here so he would mark us present. Then I went and did something "hilarious" (according to my entire class). I went up to my teacher and spread my arms out and went: Hi Sir! Like seriously a bit too cheerful for a Thursday afternoon. The entire class burst into laughter and I was sent out by my teacher.

The best bit is yet to come. 

So I was standing outside having no idea what he is going to say to me and the entire class laughing. I have to admit, it's not the proudest moment of my life. About a minute later, my form supervisor came out and wait-for-it... he said: Hi Ka-Ching! and gave me the jazz hands. Well, sort of just putting his hands up. His expression was so defeated. Defeated is the only word you can really use in that situation. It was seriously funny, especially after just about every person in the class asked me what happened and I told them and they laughed really hard. It was hilarious because my form supervisor usually appears really strict but is actually secretly awesome. Like ninja awesome with the ninja bit. He has an interesting sense of humour. Apparently the randomness and hilariousness of that made people's day. 

Anyway the important thing is, that's exactly how you become the class clown. I guarantee it will work, because I am pretty sure I am labelled that now. I am still being laughed at. I am not even going to go into my previous incident with the door. That was sheer embarrassment.  

Here's Erin and I's daily dose of randomness! 

Erin: I need one of those coffee shots.
Me: I smell carrots. 

-thumbs up to us for being weird as hell-

My conclusion of the "incident" and lesson of the day: A little bit of awesome/laughter goes a long way.

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