05 April 2013

Sweet 16 With Awesome Pressies!

Hey! Yes, I am 16 now. Not that it makes a difference because I pretty much look the same and just about everything else is the same. Life doesn't stop or get better as you officially get a year older. The day before my birthday, because my lovely English teacher was making us do an extra 40 minutes of English in the morning of my birthday, I just went full on depressing mode. It was not pretty. But English didn't turn out so bad and I had an amazing birthday. So you don't just get a year older, you also have a hell of a time while changing a number. I am not going to go SUPER SWEET 16! BUT I am going to go -insert GIF-

This is a tiny bit over the top. You get my drift!

Here's some Wikipedia facts on 16:
  • 16 (sixteen) is the natural number following 15 and preceding 17. 
  • 16 is a composite number and a square number, being the square number of 4.
  • It is the smallest number with exactly five divisors, them being 1, 2, 4 and 8. 
  • The atomic number of sulfur.
  • Group 16 of the periodic table are the chalcogens. 

My day:

School was pretty much the same. Lesson, break, more lessons, lunch then sport. I should have done yoga in Games but not enough people showed up and my teacher was awesome so we just all chilled. I got home and guess what movie I watched? Guess. You probably got it wrong. I watched Silver Linings Playbook!

Yes, that was my reaction at the end of the movie. It was so cute. Actually to be fair, that's my reaction to quality rom-coms (Not The Notebook). I have been told by so many people how good the movie was and I finally got a chance to to watch it and OHMYGOSH! It's such a good movie. I have now turned into one of those people who will recommend this movie to anyone I know. 

I have to talk about my pressies! I am not bragging or anything. I just want to share my love and excitement and that little bit of awesomeness with everyone. :)

Dr Martens 1460 W in Red a.k.a. FAVOURITE PRESENT!

Dr Martens 1460 W Boots in Red, a.k.a. FAVOURITE PRESENT! I have been talking about getting a pair of red Dr Martens boots since Christmas and I am so happy I finally got it. They look so awesome. I need to give 4 years old mini-Ching a highfive! -self-five!-

Ignore the orange socks. I love those orange socks but they clearly doesn't match with the blue, either blues. Shoes seems to be a recurring theme in my present but apart from me loving shoes and getting two pairs for my birthday, I don't have that big a thing for shoes. I must say... I LOVE CREEPERS! They are so much more comfy than I thought. They also look awesome because I have been complimented a few times.  -cheeky grin-

Two very thoughtful presents from my parents. The lovely Paddington Bear bag is for my school next year because I am going to get so many folders and books and my mother is always the most awesome person in the world when it comes to getting things I actually need. Also my mother knows how much I FREAKING LOVE NOTEBOOKS! I have declare my love for pretty notebooks on this blog before, so I won't go into it again. So Thanks Mummy! 

The present from my little sister, and father (sort of). Everything about my little sister is food related. EVERYTHING. I can guarantee it. I am quite sure the cupcake maker is 30% mine and 60% hers. 

L: Little Sister's Card. R: Parent's Card.

My parents give me a numbered age card every year since I was 13. So I have 4 in my yearly increasing collection.

Presents from Beth. The sketch book is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! The paper has amazing quality. But what is with me and flower this year?! I have no idea either. Those are 3 bookmarks on the right there. Plus she gave me a little string devil keyring this. Apparently it's me wrapped up in a little keyring. Cheers Beth! She knows I LOVE FOOD~ Those chocolate are going to last me like... 2 days? Probably less.


Conclusion: I love my birthday!

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