19 April 2013

Crazy Addiction: We Got Married

Annyeonghaseyo~ (-bow at 90 degrees-) And that's about as much Korean as I know. 

The weather has been exceptionally great today (considering I live in Britain), a bit like my mood. So I just feel like rambling to you guys. Hmm...... I am going to talk about my crazy little addiction that has been going on for about a week or so. Yes, it's Korean-related. Yes, it's We Got Married as you might have guessed from the title. If you don't know what it is, it's a reality show with fake married couples. Wiki page

Let's start off with my (and just about everyone's) favourite couple: ...... -anticipation- 


There is absolutely no way you can not fall in love with this couple. THEY ARE SO CUTE! I am such a big fan of 2PM and seriously, I fangirl over 2PM. Big time. Nichkhun is one of my favourites and him and Victoria = PERFECTION! I love f(x) and 2PM and this is like a dream come true. THEY ARE SO~ CUTE TOGETHER! -squee- I am currently on episode 27? or 28? Something around that territory and and and..... -lost for words-.... cute. -containing the fangirl- They are the cutest things ever because Victoria is super pretty and Nichkun is cute. Do I have to say more? I think you get my drift.

My reaction to Khuntoria. Also to 2PM.

Adam Couple

2AM fan? Brown Eyed Girls fan? It doesn't matter if you aren't because you will love this couple nonetheless. They are super funny together. You have badass GaIn with the king of all divas, JoKwon. This couple is a must watch as they are the longest running couple on We Got Married AND you will definitely be laughing as you watch their married life. I just finished episode 12, GO CHRISTMAS DUETS! 

YongSeo Couple

I know what you are thinking... it's Seohyun from SNSD! YES!!! Gosh, their musical nature of the relationship is already showing in the picture. (That's not a spoiler, don't worry.) They are your sweet yet realistic couple because they were very shy and awkward to each other at the beginning and takes a while to warm up. However, this one is a must watch for people who loves..... THIS ONE IS JUST A MUST WATCH! Oh, and sweet potatoes. And listen to I'm a loner by CNBLUE, great song. 

I am also slowly sort of watching Kwanghee and Sunhwa (They are ending tomorrow! -cry-), JangWoo and Eunjung and Jinwoon and JoonHee. I can't wait for Taemin to be on We Got Married! -points at myself- A huge Shinee fan! I am sure everyone has been waiting for a Shinee member to appear on WGM. When summer comes, I am totally watching couples like Caramel Couple and Dimples Couple. 

Where I watch the episodes (with English subtitles -YAY~-):
Adam Couple
YongSeo Couple

P.S. I am also watching We Got Married Global which is just as cute. ^_^ -heads off to watch more Adam Couple episodes-

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