03 April 2013

It's Holiday Time! (My Past 2 Weeks)

Hey! It's been a while since I have been catching up to you guys. Before I knew it, it's already Easter holiday and Easter Sunday has already passed. But still YAY! for the 2 weeks of free time where I can sit around and do NOTHING! As depressing as it is, I still have to revise because before I knew it again, it's only like a month before exam season starts. 

Anyway, if you continue reading... I should warn you it's just me rambling on about all the stuff I have been up to. 

So first thing first... I TURNED 16! (I will have a post tomorrow for everything relating to my birthday ^_^)

Let's back up a little bit. I finished my Art exam! Yeah, school was a bit evil since I had Art exam the day straight after my French exam. I still have loads of coursework to clean up and other project works but at least those 12 hours are out of the way.

Fast forward a few days and it's the end of term and it's a half day at my school. It was so annoying that school finishes the day after my birthday. NOT COOL! Anyway, the lesson of the day was: DO NOT PLAY WITH SHARP OBJECTS! Yep, I learnt my lesson. I mean who the hell turns 16 and still cuts herself while playing with a sharp object?! ME -_- I somehow managed to cut my palm and thumb. It was that bad an injury but PE teachers are evil. I still have to play hockey and my cut split open. Screw hockey. But to be fair, I am pretty clumsy with sharp objects. 

The week before and during moi birthday, the weather was terrible. It continued until like yesterday. It was cold and it was snowing. Seriously, snowing in March and April?! It's like raining rabbits and ponies but in snow terms. Spring should be like this:

But it was more like this:

I am exaggerating slightly but you get my drift. 

However, the weather was nice on Saturday when my family and I went out. 

So my holiday started and I have spent like 5 days relaxing and recharging. Now I am sort of in full on revision mode. Plus catching up on my lovely bloggie. 

Oh, and I started watching The Mentalist! It is so good! Okay, I am only on like the 5th episode of the first season but I am loving it so far. I love any crime relating dramas. They are always the best. 

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